Life inside the church of Rome




Chap.1-The celibacy of the clergy


Chap.2-The The moral effects of the celibacy of the clergy of the past and in the present


Chap.3-The celibacy of the clergy in the middle ages


Chap.4-The outside teaching and inside practise of the church of Rome


Chap.5-Importance of understanding roman catholic doctrine of infallibility clearly


Chap.6-The fallibility of infallibility


Chap.7-The historical frauds of the roman catholic church


Chap.8-How the pope was made infallible in the nineteenth century


Chap.9-The teaching of the bible and the teaching of the church


Chap.10-Convent life


Chap.11-"By their fruits, ye shall know them"


Chap.12-Some roman difficulties which protestants should consider


Chap.13-Protestant support of roman catholic failures


Chap.14-The effects of roman catholic teaching- Roman catholic universities and higher education


Chap.15-The confessionnal and the lives of the popes


Chap.16-Roman catholic litterature and roman catholic higher education